Healing from afar, that feels right at home”

Embodiment of the Soul

What is Soul Embodiment?

Merging your higher soul-self with the physical-self. Bring forth all the mirror images, all the sparkling fragments into alignment as a shining diamond in the cosmos of endless possibilities.

Creating a soul reunion, under the union of the one soul source creator of all that is, and all that you are in this IS-NESS of the ONE-NESS!

As an embodiment coach, I help you through the process of stepping into your divine blueprint, seeing more clearly your soul’s agreement and how to actually step into this bigger brighter version of yourself.

Together we begin to peel and weed through memories which include known and unknown obstacles in the forms of distractions, perceptions and implantations…opening the physical eyes to see, as well as the inner eyes of the heart/soul, to see more clearly, and most importantly to feel the source love creator that we are.

Bring it all forth to the now, creating a flowing current of magical experiences.

It’s a journey to the authentic core-center of the beautiful divine you, but it takes commitment, perseverance, dedication and guidance.

I’m not going to lie, it’s gonna be a SHIT-SIFTER, a SANITY TESTER, a CORE CONSTITUTION TESTER, but if you are truly ready to find out who you really are and embody the AUTHENTIC SOUL under one physical roof, I’ll grab my support bag filled with unconditional love, guide tools and a pair of shit kickers (because we always need an extra pair of these) and together we can hit the road running, push the pause button when necessary and together we can pass through anything uncomfortable.

Embodiment of the soul is a journey of guided self explorations that might take you over the mountain, deeper into the woods, around the bend, up the hill to find, to meet and greet your soul to retrieve and bring the soul home to its original place of source light power.

Work of a Soul Embodiment Coach

We are taught from an early age to connect mentally in the brain and plan our lives from the pre-programmed modele like our parents and their parents before them, leaving us with many questions throughout our lifetime.

“What is my purpose?”

“What is my mission here in this lifetime?”

To find our purpose we follow the missions of others by following their lead; even if we tweak and attempt to put our designer stamp on it, we are still  following.

Embodying the soul takes you out of the mental and into the heart space. In this space we ask to be  introduced to our soul.

 In this space we begin to  create a dialog to open lines of communication in a whole new way.The language is very different, it leads with feelings, which has its own logical language. 


Are you ready to explore the path of your soul?