About Sandra

Meet Sandra

Growing up as 1 of 5 siblings,  I recognized early on  I felt things differently and deeper. I knew things but was not allowed to express them unless it was found it  in a book and I could back it up. Being told early on I couldn’t do what I felt like doing, I learned to become a chameleon. When I was alone or with trusted like minded people, I could be my true colors.

When I was with others who judged or held me accountable through conformity  I changed colors to look like I fit it.  This created a huge struggle and sense of loneliness for me but at the same time taught me skills I might not have learned otherwise, like how to be aware, and how to accept that I had a foot in two worlds. 

I always got confirmation through informational wisdom that would flow through me. I knew at a very young age nothing biblical made any sense but I could never prove it, I was outnumbered and it was blasphemy if I  dared  to question. I could feel  deep insecurities even  in the strongest appearing people, I could feel sincere love, sincere lies.  I could feel the nervous systems of others, and felt them faking being ok.  I felt so much I learned to harden it for a lot of years, until I realized it is my way of processing information here on earth.


I am a Kinesthetic – learner; it took me 37 years to learn this powerful sensory.  Learning the power of being an empath helped me discover how to skill this into a super power tool.  It helped me to understand my past  struggles  in a broader way. It helped propel me  forward onto a path that resonated with the rhythm of my soul and the mission of my soul versus the mission of my pre-programmed mind.  


So many tools helped me  to jump paths. I became a massage therapist, Reiki master, life/spiritual coach, past life regressionist, hypnotherapy, medical aesthetics. Later adding  advanced Reiki, beyond quantum healing, Ho’Oponopono, and more  regression and meditations techniques all of which helped me hone my skills and bring in the gift of sight. 

Once I learned the call of my soul and how to embody these lines  communicate with my soul on a levels beyond this realm it led me to create the  embodiment of the soul modality coaching. 

It is my honor and sacred duty to share through these  extraordinary pathways leading you to your authentic god sparkling  soul-self the creator intended you to be.