Learn More About How Sandra Can Help You


“There is something about Sandy, her voice and gentle touch just melted me onto the table.
Within minutes my whole body was completely relaxed. I could feel energy moving. I felt totally reset after her session.”
LuAnne B.

Initial consultation:

To develop and design a foundation for personal success. 75-85 minutes. $150

Follow up visit:

Like pieces of a puzzle we gather information as stepping stones towards creating your goals of healing and self development. 45-60 minutes. $119

Advanced Reiki:

 A gentle, noninvasive session that is customized in gathering of symbols unique to your integrative wellness. 45-60 minutes. $99

Emotional Release Technique

A session built around hypnosis, to assist with  reorganization of  the subconscious storage units. 90-120 minutes. $250