“I stumbled across Sandra’s YouTube channel and was immediately drawn to her wisdom, no nonsense thinking and humor. I started following her and found myself looking forward to her short, realistic, intuitive, and simple on point talks. She seems to have an innate sense of what people may need to hear that day. During my first session with her, the internet connection on my end was not working. She graciously stated it was the energy that day and it was no problem to rebook for another time. Sandra definitely did not disappoint. She seemed to have already known me and she was spot on. I am very grateful. Our first session was a lovely experience leaving me feeling expanded with more clarity, insight and tools to explore more of myself.”
– Rebecca

“Embodiment of the Soul sessions with Sandra were absolutely amazing for me. Everytime I had a session I was gently guided by Sandra and her guides into a relaxed, peaceful meditative state, where the information was conveyed through very strong feelings within my body, especially my heart space, and in my mind’s eye. If I had a specific subject I wanted clarification on, Sandra and her team would help me receive the information from my guides and higher self, I could actually see and feel the information, it was as if I was watching a tv screen in my mind! As I did more sessions, I was able to receive more information with increasing clarity and understanding, Sandra really helped to empower me to take the lead and direct my own sessions with specific questioning and asking for what I wanted/needed, so that eventually I could do this very same thing on my own and receive guidance from my higher self and guides whenever I needed. I have never experienced anything like this with any other gifted person, it really blows my mind just how talented and amazing Sandra is and how easily she did it – it wasn’t hard, it didn’t take a long time, it was instant, the very first session I had was incredible and every session left me feeling like I was on cloud nine, extremely emotional, but a very satisfied kind of emotional, it just felt so good! So glad I found you Sandra, thankyou from all of my heart xo.”
– Alane

“Sandy gave me messages and suggestions I had not heard before, it’s like we were in sync and my guides were talking to her guides. I felt so awesome I booked another session before we hung up.”
– Aaron M.

There is something about Sandy, her voice and gentle touch just melted me onto the table. Within minutes my whole body was completely relaxed. I could feel energy moving. I felt totally reset after her session.”
– LuAnne B.